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Sure, I'll hang out for a while


Finally biting the bullet and spitting out at my own procrastination, I an so happy to have finally released my second single "Butterflies"!

I wrote this song back in 2013 and it's a story about a man and his journey of self discovery.

Put yourself in the place of someone who has a very firm grasp of who they are, what they want and what they need... and they definitely don't need a distraction as trivial as LOVE. (bleagh!)

...or do they?

Check it out, play it over and over again, add it to your playlists (because, you know - algorithms)

Available to stream via your favourite streaming platform, or download your own copy from HERE

PS - If you like seeing the origins of songs, here are some links for you :)

Keep learning. Keep evolving. Stay safe and make good choices!

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