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Taronga Conservation Society

Corporate Fundraiser (Duo)

Taronga Zoo, Mosman

19 November 2022

"Hi Chris and Taylor
I just wanted to jump in here too and thank you so much for your incredible efforts and support on the night. Honestly I think my favourite bit of the night was hearing you perform down at the Savannah at dusk and delighting our guests with music whilst Giraffes played in their enclosure in the background…..just magical!!
It truly was a wonderful night and your involvement and support helped make the evening for our donors even more special…..thank you!
As mentioned the funds raised will support and enable Taronga to continue to breed threatened species, carry on vital scientific research and deliver conservation programs to tackle some of Australia’s most urgent conservation challenges. You are playing a part in the work to move our iconic Australian species off the path to extinction.
A huge heartfelt thanks, your support has truly helped us to achieve a better outcome for our wildlife"
Thanks, Brooke



PH 0474 120 271


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