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"Fine2uned did an amazing job. They were extremely responsive leading up to the day, and created a dance floor to remember on the night, doing a great job singing & DJ'ing. Really phenomenal and we got lots of compliments on the band!" Alex & Liam

What We Do

Some couples choose to secure the services of a wedding DJ, live musicians, and a celebrant separately for different parts of their big day.

However, for a seamless and unforgettable wedding experience, it's often recommended to hire an all-encompassing entertainment package that includes a DJ, live musicians, and a celebrant for the entire celebration.

Booking a comprehensive entertainment package ensures that every moment of your wedding, from the ceremony to the reception, is meticulously curated with the perfect soundtrack and expert coordination.

Here are some key roles and tasks that versatile, skilled and experienced wedding professionals can do for your special day:

Wedding Entertainment Key Tasks


  • Background music as guests arrive.

  • Wireless microphone for the celebrant or officiant.

  • Processional music as the bridal party walks down the aisle.

  • Song selection flexibility for bridesmaids.

  • Music during the signing of marriage documents.

  • Upbeat and celebratory recessional music as you leave the aisle.


Canapes and Drinks:

  • Background music for guests, set at a volume conducive to conversation.

  • Reception setup during this time.



  • Music as guests arrive.

  • Wireless microphone for the Master of Ceremonies (MC).

  • Coordinated and personalized bridal party entrance music.

  • Background music during meals, transitioning to dance music later in the evening.

  • Wireless microphone for speeches.

  • Cake cutting music that complements the atmosphere.

  • Special first dance with a song of your choice.

  • Optional Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance moments.

  • Energetic Bouquet and Garter Toss with upbeat music.

  • Lively farewell music to cap off the celebration.


Wedding MC Key Tasks

Your MC 

  • Making relevant announcements, including the bridal party entrance, welcome speech, cake cutting, first dance, bouquet toss, garter toss, and farewell.

  • Directing the speeches, ensuring a smooth flow.

  • Timekeeping to maintain the event schedule.

  • Seamless coordination with other crew members.

  • Liaising with venue staff and the kitchen for optimal coordination.

Wedding Celebrant Key Tasks

Your Celebrant

  • Crafting a personalized and meaningful ceremony script tailored to your love story.

  • Conducting the wedding ceremony with warmth and sincerity.

  • Guiding the couple through their vows and ring exchange.

  • Incorporating any cultural or religious elements as per your preferences.

  • Facilitating unity ceremonies, such as candle lighting or sand blending.

  • Offering words of wisdom, advice, or a special reading during the ceremony.

  • Managing the signing of the marriage documents with attention to detail.

  • Providing a wireless microphone for clear and audible vows.

  • Assisting in coordinating processional and recessional moments.

  • Ensuring legal requirements are met and the marriage is officially solemnized.

  • Collaborating with the DJ and MC to synchronize music cues during the ceremony.

  • Offering a comforting and reassuring presence to the couple and guests.

When you choose a full wedding entertainment package with Fine2uned, you're not just securing musical accompaniment; you're ensuring a well-coordinated, memorable celebration that flows seamlessly from one magical moment to the next.

By including a dedicated wedding celebrant in your wedding package, you not only secure a professional who is adept at crafting and conducting ceremonies but also someone who will ensure that the sacred and emotional moments of your wedding are handled with care and expertise. We are committed to creating a ceremony that resonates with your values and reflects the unique bond you share with your partner.

Trust us to create an experience that reflects your unique love story, and make your wedding a truly special and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

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