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"Chris & Taylor played our isle song and into our canapés & bubbles - walking down the isle hearing their version of our song choice was absolutely magical! Every guest I spoke to couldn’t stop raving about the live music from Fine2uned. I can’t begin to express in words how happy I am I chose Chris and Taylor for our wedding day." Brigitte & Vinny

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Chris Rulewski

Chris is a dynamic and passionate musician from Sydney, Australia.

With a profound love for music, Chris dedicates himself to ensuring that every wedding, event, or venue experience is truly unforgettable.

Chris has honed his craft over the years, as a musician, songwriter, DJ and sound producer, and wears many hats as the owner and operator of Fine2uned.  

His dedication to his craft, combined with his unwavering passion for music, ensures that he brings a touch of magic to every performance.


Fine2uned provides a personalized music solution with access to a diverse range to suit every musical taste.  With a musical repertoire spanning the decades, you can harness the acoustic intimacy of a solo performance, the harmonious synergy of a duo, the full-bodied sound of a band, and the rhythmic beats of a DJ.


Whether it's a heartfelt acoustic serenade, a rocking performance that gets the crowd on their feet, or a seamless DJ mix that keeps the party going, always striving to deliver excellence and expertise



PH 0474 120 271


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