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General Terms of Service

This is your general terms and conditions & service agreement with Fine2uned and will apply unless specifically noted otherwise on your invoice.  Payment of your deposit implies your understanding and agreement of these terms and the work schedule as described in your invoice.

Thank You for choosing Fine2uned!


  • All DEPOSITS are non-refundable.

  • Bookings are not confirmed until your initial payment (deposit) has been received

  • If your invoice is less than or equal to $1000 inc GST, the full invoice payable immediately.

  • If your booked date is less than 4 calendar weeks away at the time of booking, the full invoice is payable immediately.

  • For bookings beyond 4 calendar weeks from the time of booking, a DEPOSIT of 20% of the invoice amount is payable 

  • Your BALANCE is due by 14 calendar days prior to your booking date. 

  • If payment is not received by the due date, Fine2uned reserves the right to cancel your booking and no refunds will be issued.


  • When making payment, please use your INVOICE NUMBER as your reference.


  • DIrect Bank Transfer:

    • Account: Christopher Rulewski

    • BSB 062498

    • Account 10889490

  • PayID: 0474 120 271

  • Credit Card (surcharge applies) - Simply click the link as indicated on the invoice online.  If you experience any difficulties, please contact me in writing at


Significant changes that are cost effecting will always be discussed ASAP and subject to agreement by both the Artists and the Clients. These agreed changes may vary the original invoice/quote.

If there is a variance between the written terms in your Invoice and these General Terms, your Invoice terms will take precedence.


If a Time Extension is requested on the day, and approved by Fine2uned, this will be charged at $250 per hour per artist and will be billed on a separate invoice or added to your existing invoice as appropriate.


Should your wedding need to be postponed we will work with you to ensure that Fine2uned will take care of your new date.
20% of the original invoice is retained as a postponement fee.  
Any other deposits that have been received will be converted to a VOUCHER that can be used to your next Fine2uned booking.  

  • Vouchers must be used within 12 MONTHS from the original booking date

  • Expired vouchers are non-refundable.

  • Vouchers are not redeemable for cash

  • Vouchers are transferable with notice in writing

  • Any new invoices are calculated based on the new event/wedding date details as appropriate.


Cancellation by the client for any reason will result in the forfeit of any deposits paid.
Cancellations by the client within 48 of the original booking time will result in the full invoice being payable.


In the event that payment is not made by the due date specified on the invoice, the client will be considered in default.

The client shall be liable for any costs incurred by Fine2uned in pursuing payment, including but not limited to, collection agency fees, legal fees, and court costs, in addition to the outstanding amount.

Fine2uned reserves the right to suspend services and withhold any deliverables until full payment, including any additional costs incurred due to non-payment, is received.


The schedule listed in your quote is subject to change prior to the final invoice.

All artists that represent Fine2uned are insured and covered with Public Liability Insurance, with a minimum cover of $30 million for your peace of mind.

Should an artist be unable to perform due to unforeseen health or availability reasons, Fine2uned will provide an alternative artist/s in lieu for your event.

All reasonable care is taken to ensure your planning and music arrangements are in keeping with your special day.


Responsible Health and Safety Practices are observed with best efforts to reasonably avoid and/or reduce hazards where appropriate.

In the interests of health and safety of the performer/s and client/s, an exclusion zone around the stage area is highly recommended of at least 1 meter.
No unauthorised persons are permitted to handle or operate equipment, lighting or sound in any way (eg: microphones, instruments, mixer levels etc)

If the staging area is outside, Fine2uned may require a shelter to protect both the equipment and the artists from the elements.  The CLIENT to provide this (either directly, or via the nominated venue).  If this is not possible, Fine2uned can supply the required shelter and this may incur a fee which will be added to your invoice.


Fine2uned wants to provide the best service possible, and as we use the best equipment available, we require details of all possible challenges when it comes to power and protection from the elements.

The CLIENT (either directly or via the nominated venue) must provide access to stable and safe electrical power (AC 240V) suitable for running multiple high power equipment such as PA Speakers, Sound Equipment, Wireless Microphones etc.  Fine2uned ensures that all cabling used and supplied by Fine2uned has been tested and fault free in the last 5 years.

If no power is available for part / all of the booked event time, Fine2uned may bring their own portable power solution suitable for the situation and this may incur a fee which will be added to your invoice.


Provision of equipment for the event (ie - PA and lighting, instruments and associated gear) is subject to favourable weather/site conditions & will not be used in any circumstances where the unit may be exposed to harm; by persons or the elements e.g. Rain, extreme heat, direct sunlight for extended periods, heavy winds etc.


Judgement to be made at Fine2uned's discretion.

If during the event, if any equipment is damaged by and attending guest, the CLIENT may be liable for any/all associated costs involved in fixing or replacing (like for like) the damaged item.


Note that we may post photo/video footage of portions of the event for promotional purposes. 

Please advise if there are any restrictions to the use of social media for your event. 

You can tag us using @fine2uned on all platforms.



PH 0474 120 271


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