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Cruisin' back into live gigs!

So it's happening!

Live gigs are slowly coming back, and our calendar is slowly filling up full of birthdays, weddings and Christmas parties!

Thank you to everyone who has watched, listened and supported me throughout this whole COVID period. Although in hindsight, I feel like the pandemic situation has treated me quite well.

Compared to others in our situation locally and abroad, it's been a time of evolution and growth!

I've worked hard behind the scenes to look forward and prepare to hit the ground running, and I hope I've done enough so far (more to go still, I'm sure!)

It's also given me some time to be retrospective and look back on what was, uncover what I want to change, what I want to keep and what needs to be discarded. #cathartic

Part of my time was also reconnecting with friends I haven't spoken with for a long time. Now since we're all at home a lot more and the digital age has enabled us to truly break down barriers, I recall my life before I came back to Sydney and the people who were part of it.

Sarah Date and I were great friends and often saw each other at gigs and mutual friends' parties etc. We even used to play at each other's gigs from time to time!

We thought it was a shame that we hadn't done that for a long time, so we thought we'd play our favourite song one more time for you all.

Enjoy and enjoy the cruise!

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