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How's Life in Iso? Not bad.

So now that we're over the first "hump" in the fight against COVID19, I've been reflecting on what life is like now, v/s before the #socialdistancing button got pushed.

So let me take you back to before it all started.

It seems so long ago, but yet like yesterday!

In February, I made a bold decision to quit the security of my career to follow my heart and soul's passion - #music

(Then of course, #covid19 smashed everyone)

Like so many of my fellow artists, income came to a screeching halt. No eating out. No random trips to the shops. The car has barely left the garage. Shopping expeditions for essentials only... Where did all my money go before? #lessonlearned

Even with this happening: with the cancellation of literally ALL of my potential income for the coming 6 months; No carefully crafted business plan was prepared for this contigency...

I had absolutely no regrets of the choice I had made. In fact, I've never felt happier.

The global corona pandemic has forced me to stop. To slow down. To stop just rolling and to start planning. To stop running on pure momentum and focus on being good and what I love. It has allowed me to truly be introspective with a goal to come out of this with a polish and experience I would never had the opportunity to work on otherwise. #levelup #skillup

I have built a new home studio. I am hosting live streams regularly. I am learning so many new songs. I am recording and uploading a new song every day on social media. I am upskilling my video editing skills with #hitfilmexpress. I am upskilling my music editing skills with #cubase10. All these resources I've never taken the time or energy to utilise before. I've made new friends and industry connections. I've even started writing music again

All thanks to #socialdistancing.

So how's life in iso? #notbhed

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