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So it wasn't until 10:30am this morning that I was working on some expenses that I saw the payment date on the receipt as the first of AUGUST.

Holy moly - how did that happen?

Did we really just get through July?

Did you have the same flash of OMG-ness? (or was it just me? HAHAHAHA)

I had so many plans for July and that realisation that the 8th month is now upon us, I was met with that dreaded feeling of unaccomplishment... non-accomplishment...? Is that a word?

Anyway, I instantly asked myself.... DID I DO ANYTHING?

Then sanity came back to me as I realise that I'm writing this now without eating breakfast, (which may explain my air-headedness) and I've actually done quite a bit, and haven't been as much of a couch potato as I thought.

To get some recognition of work knowledge I've gained over the last 25 years, I've knocked out courses in marketing, digital work processes, convergent industry communication and business advertising.

About to starting another in creative digital imaging. Finally dipping my toe into Photoshop and trying to improve my skill in video editing. All slowly slowly, but I'm getting there..

Is it procrastination? Or have I just taken my time? Is there a difference?

With that said, with my first live gig back since COVID coming TOMMORROW and I feel somewhat unprepared and overwhelmed by it. (Well, maybe just a little whelmed... and a lot EXCITED)

Do I need to practice? Have I practiced enough? Can I even remember how to play any songs? Can I still sing in publc? Will there be distancing? Do I have my mask? Does my gear still work?

Where's my guitar???

Anyway... I'm sure I'll dig out all the gear at some point today - make sure it's still working and that a family of MURDER HORNETS haven't built a new home in my speaker cabinets. 🤣

Taylor and I (Fine2uned) will be playing at Coopers Hotel in Newtown tomorrow from 3pm! We'd love to see you there! And if you can't come, I'll probably stream it live for y'all so check out and say hi in the comments!

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