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How it feels when you want to get back to gigging... but then there's 4 more weeks of COVID induced staycation afoot.

Now let's be serious for a moment - I don't blame the local government at all for the position we're in.

It was made perfectly and plainly clear - COVID-19 #delta was not to be messed with. Stay home. Social distance and Wear a mask if you do need to leave home. I guess some people didn't quite get that message.

It's definitely disappointing to be cancelling another month's worth of work in August, (and some of September bringing the total amount of lost work to 10 weeks, but you know what they say - you can only control what you can control, right?

Who else is in lockdown in Sydney and the other affected areas? I'd love to hear your stories and what you plan to do with your COVID #staycation?

I wanna learn some more music - send me songs you'd like me to learn! I'll try and play them on my Live Streaming Sunday Sessions!

I've love it if you could join me and hang out. BYO pub meal and booze. Send me messages in the chat and song requests are welcome!

On other days, I'll probably end up doing things like...

  • rearrainging the furniture in my studio... again

  • Second jab is booked August 6th *hooray!*

  • Watching other people's live streams, like Taylor B-W, Big Willie (Wallace) and Jake Edgely

  • Call of Duty : Warzone has been fun to start playing

  • Hang out with my son online while we pwn noobs on Roblox

  • Learn more songs (of course)

  • Tracking bitcoin is definitely easier when sitting by your PC most of the day

  • Copious amounts of wine will undoubtedly be consumed

  • my friends are no longer surprised if I randomly video call them

Let's focus on our own actions and do what we can to to make things better and don't forget : gaming, music and alcohol are not mutually exclusive.

What will you be doing?

Stay Home; Get Vaxxed; Check in on your mates; Check in on your family

Be kind to yourselves and each other! 4 more weeks?

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