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There's more to life than COVID

I live a priviledged life.

True - my music career path has hit it's second major pause, with the recent Sydney lockdowns

With all my gigs cancelled from the 25th June, the cancellation of all gigs in July, plus any weddings and corporate bookings in August, I've had a lot more time on my hands.

My short term future is in the air pending Gladys B's next announcements.


I'm grateful that the government has a plan to provide small businesses the ability to keep the food on the table and the bills paid whilst we wait out in lockdown. If you're in a similar position and don't know where to start? Click below:

I'm grateful to be able to buffer the loss of income with some casual work whilst working from home.

I'm also constantly reminded that there's more going on in the world than my own COVID bubble.

Whilst I can safely leave my house to walk to my local supermarket for supplies and exercise, others are struggling just to get to the shops:

While we lament the fact that we can only leave our homes for exercise and essentials to enjoy the sunshine, there are disastrous floods in Germany, India, Austria and China, not to mention so many other natural and man made disasters happening across the world!

I'm lucky to be in a position where I'm warm. I'm safe. My family is well. My car, home and belonings aren't being washed down the street, or being destroyed by looters. I've got access to everything I need with minimal effort.

It frustrates me when I see reports of people trying to get around the lockdown health orders, when all you have to do is stay home.

I feel disbelief when people complain about losing 2 weeks pay when the entertainment and hospitality industries are both still recovering from the FIRST COVID lockdowns... I mean - where have you been all this time?

I find it hard to feel sympathy for highly paid sports people who complain that they can't be at home because they've had to move interstate with their families, fully paid for by their employers so they can continue their jobs in arenas in front of thousands of people, when others like myself can't leave home to play music and earn our living at venues in a well managed COVID safe way.

But I digress - this isn't meant to be a whine, but a reminder to myself and anyone else who needs it, that there's more to life than COVID. With that said - be aware, not alarmed.

Here's some really easy to understand vids for you. Watch these in order :)

So lets get through this together.

  • Check in on your friends and family.

  • Stay at home.

  • Get vaccinated.

  • Fuck COVID.

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